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Every roof has a life cycle.

Our team of Boise commercial roofing experts will do a comprehensive survey of your roof, including an existing conditions photo report and core samples to determine the layers that are on the roof and determine if the roof is holding unwanted moisture. We also provide a value-engineered repair or replacement solution that fits your budget, energy concerns, sustainability strategy, and business priorities.

Here is an overview of a small commercial roof. At first look We see that the top layer of material is Modified Bitumen. You can easily identify some areas have been patched, and there several areas that are showing that the elements have broken down the materials over time.

boise commercial roofing point roofer

To make sure that we are getting an accurate look at the condition of the roof, your roofing contractor should always take a core sample and share the results with you. The core sample will help to identify what type of substrate the new roof will be attached to. Like many other things, this can affect the materials that will be used in the re-roofing process. Here you can see a wood substrate, so we know there may be additional costs if water damage or dry rot is discovered when the roof is removed.

boise commercial roofing point roofer

Here is a look at what came out of the core sample taken. I can clearly identify 3 layers of different roofing systems in this photo. Your local building codes will determine the number of layers that can be added to a roof, adding additional layers can be a good way to significantly extend the life of a roof, but it will result in higher removal costs down the line. By squeezing the material you can identify if the roof is holding water, a sure sign there is a potential leak. You may want to do a few core samples to determine if there are different areas of concern.

boise commercial roofing point roofer

Here is a shot to show the depth of hole where the core sample was taken.

boise commercial roofing point roofer

Once the core sample has been evaluated, the roofing professional will use a proper roofing adhesive to reseal the area and reinsert the samples (also known as roof cookies).

When it is time to find the right Boise commercial roofing contractor and look at replacing your roof, make sure that you are looking at the whole picture to help minimize unexpected costs.

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