Hail Damage to Bonneville County homes is Severe

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Bonneville County hail damage article originally from Local 8 News in Idaho Falls.

BONNEVILLE COUNTY, Idaho (KIFI/KIDK) – Some homeowners in Bonneville County are dealing with severe hail damage following yesterday’s hail storm.

Point Roofing HAAG Certified Hail Damage Inspectors

People were frightened.

“I was thinking like, which windows were going to break and what was going to break, it was loud and just kind of scary,” says Jeramiah Fuger, who was home during the storm.

Homes left damaged.

“It just kind of destroyed all of the siding and all of the houses around us,” says Fuger.

And the hail damage is keeping insurance agencies busy.

“I just talked with my underwriter and he said they’re swamped just because there were so many hail damage claims” says Michael Infanger, owner of Infanger Insurance.

The McCann family also had damage to their home.

“We were all at the window watching the storm. We even took some videos of it and thing and then afterwards my husband came outside,” says Heidi McCann, “It was a nightmarish sight, I was disappointed to see the holes in my house, the broken mirror on vehicles and my immediate thought was, how am I going to pay for this,” continued Shane McCann.

The next step? Call your insurance agent to get started on a claim. But it may take some time.

“The crazy thing too on top of it is, it’s also busy season for contractors so they’re already working on houses, building new homes that’s going like crazy in Idaho Falls so it’s going to be hard to pull them off of other projects and get them to work on problems that have come with this hail claim,” says Infanger.

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Point Roofing HAAG Certified Hail Damage Inspectors


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