Storm Damage​

According to the insurance information institute, storms alone are the third largest cause of losses. Our Certified Technicians are trained to spot storm damage and the problems it can cause.

Many Homeowners are aware that there may be damage to their homes from recent wind and hail storms. We have found that many of you did not know what to do and thought that the cost would be too high or that your insurance rates may raise if you file a claim.

We understand that the insurance claim process tends to be exhausting, stressful and often unsuccessful. Our company maintains a 90% + approval ratio on all submitted insurance claims. We are committed to ultimate Customer Satisfaction.

Point Roofing and Construction specializes in working with insurance companies to secure reasonable and fair storm damage repairs on behalf of homeowners. We have a team of certified specialists prepared to provide inspections and work directly with insurance companies each step of the way.

Our experience in working closely with homeowners and their insurance providers gives you the peace of mind that repairing the storm damage is both affordable and safe from the threat of increased premiums and rates.

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