Solar Tubes

​Solar tubes are affordable, high-performance lighting solutions that bring daylight into interior spaces where traditional skylights and windows cannot reach.

Available in 10, 13, or 22 inch.

Custom Gutters & Decorative Downspouts

Replacing old or installing new gutters will update the look of your home and add additional protection from water damage. Current gutter systems are installed with screws rather than nails and should last a lifetime. 60 Custom colors available.

There are many options to choose from when selecting the right gutter system.​

We offer the following selections:

  • 5 and 6-inch K-style seamless gutters
  • Aluminum and steel with baked enamel finish
  • Copper
  • Leaf guard selection
  • Downspouts
  • selection / Chains
  • Over 60 metal gutter colors to choose from

Gutter Guards

Cleaning out gutters is a miserable, messy and dangerous job. Installing gutter guards could put that headache behind you! Black available as standard, other colors available as special order.

Ridge Vent

Ridge vent runs the entire length of the roof peak, blending into the roof line for a more attractive home. Years of research prove that a ridge vent, combined with under eave venting, is the most efficient system you can install.


Spaces can be transformed with natural light and sky views. Skylights can make any dark or closed in area feel more open and inviting.

Ice & Water Shield

Used to prevent water penetration due to ice dams or wind driven rain. It can also be used as an underlayment around chimneys, vent stacks, skylights and other critical roof areas.

Ultimate Pipe Flashing

A breakthrough design with a proprietary sealing method for plumbing vent pipes. A long term solution to any roofs most common area of failure. This product has undergone exhaustive ASTM testing. You can expect his flashing to outlast traditional pipe boots.

High Profile Ridge

High Profile ridge cap is specially constructed and designed to provide a high-quality alternative to flat ridge cap. This style pairs beautifully with ridge vent or looks great on its own.

VentSure Intake Vents

Whatever venting system you choose, it is essential that you have enough intake venting for a comfortable home. Proper ventilation is key to your roof lasting its expected lifetime.

Power Washing

Now offering 5 star clean up. For a small fee we will pressure wash your home, driveway or both to make sure your home is the freshest on the block.

Custom Aluminum Soffit & Fascia

Cover right over existing worn or damaged soffit & fascia for a fresh look that lasts! Many colors available.

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  • First 50 Years are NON-Prorated
  • If a product is defective, Owens Corning will pay for Material and Labor
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